Japanese Conversation Group 2

I have visited Japanese conversation group, which people can study Japanese for free at Skyline, to get to know more about them.

They are having Japanese lessons every Monday and Thursday from 2:00 to 3:00 in building 5 at the learning center. They cover basic conversations and Japanese “hiragana” to the participants.

The students join this conversation group have different purpose to learn Japanese. Some of them are studying Japanese to prepare for their exams and others are there to enjoy Japanese culture with others.

Also, many of them find good friends who share the same passions to learn the language and have good company there. If you have time, I would recommend to visit there to have fun with them.


Holi; the festival of color


Nepalese Heritage Club held their second big event at Skyline College. Holi is originally an annual event to celebrate the arrival of spring in Nepal. They throw color powders to each other and had fun this moment.

The club invited not only Nepalese students but also many Skyline student to share their culture. Shivani, Vice President of the club, says that ” We would like to enjoy what we enjoy with Skyline community”.

They aim to make the club bigger and for this purpose, the club is planning to have the big event on the following next semester.

The brand new Myanmar Club

Do you know something about Myanmar?  Skyline college has the big population of students originally come from Myanmar and for those who are related to Myanmar culture, some internationals students from Myanmar have formed the brand new Myanmar Heritage Club. The club aims at spreading Myanmar culture over Skyline college by educating their culture to Skyline students.

The club is open for everyone, including not only for Myanmar students but also domestic students. The club president, wants to welcome more and more students to the club. However, she has been struggling to get the members united so that they are planning to do some activities to interact each other.  She said “We had a picnic at Golden Gate park for the mingle. It is exciting to make a new community.”

They are going to have an event called “Festival of Light” on the next semester and plan to invite more and more students for their event. “Festival of Light” is one of their national event to celebrate their religion and beauty of Myanmar culture. You should follow up and join the event to get to know cultural diversity of Myanmar culture!

Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 in SF

On April 14 and 15, and 22 and23, Northern Cherry Blossom Festival was held in San Francisco’s Japantown to celebrate Japanese and Japanese-American culture. Cherry Blossom is a symbol of Japanese culture.

One thing interesting about this festival is that you can experience not only Japanese culture but also Japanese-American culture. Many shops offer Japanese food and people can join the Parades mixing Japanese traditional culture.  They joined traditional Omikoshi parade, which they carry  “Omikoshi” on their shoulders. Also, they enjoyed Japanese American cultures, such as cosplay and anime at the same time. You can see how the festival looked like and hear attendance’s voice from the link below.



You missed the festival? No worries. The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place once a year in April in San Francisco’s Japantown. It is a good chance to enjoy Japanese and Japanese American culture next year! Don’t miss it!

Get your country food near Skyline College

For most of the homesick International Students, especially if they just came to the United States, food can be comforting. But, where can they get their country’s food? At Target? Walmart? Probably the answer is no.

I personally, cooked some Japanese food for the first few months of being at Skyline College, which helped me feel less homesick. Here is a map introducing Asian supermarkets around Skyline College below. If you are not familiar with the geography around the college and don’t know where you should go to get cheap and reasonable Asian food,  this map would help you find your supermarket.

Even if you are not International students or have lived in here for a long time, this is a good chance for you to try other Asian food out! Many supermarkets offer not only vegetables and ingredients but also each country’s snacks and local food. You can taste their food as if you are traveling these countries. Doesn’t it sound exciting?


Japanese Conversation Group!

Are you looking for a place to learn Japanese? Here is a good news! Japanese CUlture Link holds Japanese Conversation Group in building5 Monday and Thursday for free.

They started this class for Japanese learners because most of the community college, including Skyline, don’t offer Japanese class to students. They teach basic conversations and how to write sentences to students in learning center every week.

I attended at one of their lessons and it was very unique to study there. Two international students from Japan teach their language to students by using some texts and materials.  All of the students are very passionate about speaking and learning Japanese. Some of them got interested in Japanese because of their favorite anime and movies and study Japanese on their own. The class provides great opportunities to practice conversation and learn basic grammar.

If you are interested in studying Japanese, this is definitely the place for you!

Chinese New Year at Skyline College

On March 15th, Chinese club holds the event to celebrate Chinese New year with Skyline Students in building 6. They perform some Chinese music and other international students joined the event.

It was interesting to see their performances because I saw many interesting Chinese cultures to learn during this event. For example, red envelopes are one of them. On Chinese New years, usually, older people give money in red envelopes to children. In their tradition, this means health and wishes to their children. In Japan, we have a similar culture but I didn’t know China has the similar culture to us until I joined this event.

I highly recommend you to join some cultural events to get more diversity in yourself and make new friends from outside of America!