The brand new Myanmar Club

Do you know something about Myanmar?  Skyline college has the big population of students originally come from Myanmar and for those who are related to Myanmar culture, some internationals students from Myanmar have formed the brand new Myanmar Heritage Club. The club aims at spreading Myanmar culture over Skyline college by educating their culture to Skyline students.

The club is open for everyone, including not only for Myanmar students but also domestic students. The club president, wants to welcome more and more students to the club. However, she has been struggling to get the members united so that they are planning to do some activities to interact each other.  She said “We had a picnic at Golden Gate park for the mingle. It is exciting to make a new community.”

They are going to have an event called “Festival of Light” on the next semester and plan to invite more and more students for their event. “Festival of Light” is one of their national event to celebrate their religion and beauty of Myanmar culture. You should follow up and join the event to get to know cultural diversity of Myanmar culture!


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