Get your country food near Skyline College

For most of the homesick International Students, especially if they just came to the United States, food can be comforting. But, where can they get their country’s food? At Target? Walmart? Probably the answer is no.

I personally, cooked some Japanese food for the first few months of being at Skyline College, which helped me feel less homesick. Here is a map introducing Asian supermarkets around Skyline College below. If you are not familiar with the geography around the college and don’t know where you should go to get cheap and reasonable Asian food,  this map would help you find your supermarket.

Even if you are not International students or have lived in here for a long time, this is a good chance for you to try other Asian food out! Many supermarkets offer not only vegetables and ingredients but also each country’s snacks and local food. You can taste their food as if you are traveling these countries. Doesn’t it sound exciting?



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